Spray Paint Galvanised Ceiling Voids – MSC005

Ceilcote have used MSC005 Multi-Surface-Coating to spray paint the galvanised ceiling void structure at 310 Cambridge Science Park. 1000m2 completed over 2 shifts.

MSC005 Mutli-Surface-Coating eliminates the need for a seperate primer and is simple and easy to spray apply. Water based and quick drying MSC005 is a new generation interior paint that can be applied to almost any interior substrate.

Galvanised ceiling void

Before MSC005 MULT-Surface-Coatings is applied

Galvanised ceiling voide after paint spraying with MSC005 Multi-Surface-Coating

Galvanised ceiling void after paint spraying with MSC005 Multi-Surface-Coating

MSC005 Multi Surface Coating logo Jpeg

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