Supermarket Checkout Spray Painting

Supermarket checkouts are deigned to be robust, however over time they receive constant knocks spills and general abuse. This takes its toll on the paint finish and often leading to unsightly stains and scratches. Our on site paint spraying process successfully deals with this problem.

Supermarket Checout spray painting process in briefsupermarket check out spraying

  • We work out of normal hours
  • Our operatives precision mask and sheet up the check out tills
  •  Holes and scratches are epoxy filled and sanded smooth
  • We abrade the existing paint
  • A high build quick drying primer is spray applied
  • 2 Topcoats of quick drying paint are applied in the colour chosen
  • Site is demasked and tidied ready for check use straight away

Please choose Ceilcote for your checkout spraying works – contact us –ceilcote-header[1]



Lloyd Morris 

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