Electrostatic Spray Painting

Abseiling Spraying


We can also offer abseiling spraying services on many buildings.

Electrostatic paint spraying is a superior method of applying  paint onto metal substrates, especially more intricate objects such as balustrades, lift doors,  button consoles, ATM machines,  retail check out tills, freezers  chillers and refrigerators, shopfronts, chainmail shutters, radiators, filing cabinets, etc.

CeilCote Electrostatic Paint Spraying  Process Explained

  • The work surface or object to be sprayed is earthed thus giving it a negative charge.
  • The paint is then fed through a paint gun with a revolving chamber at its end, this chamber atomises the paint and creates a positive electric charge to each particle of paint, because the particles in the chamber are all positively charged they repel each other creating a very fine paint mist.
  • The positive charged paint then exits the chamber and is drawn onto the earthed object by electrostatic attraction.
  • This natural powerful attraction means that almost all the paint that leaves the spray gun ends up on the object being sprayed.
  • The paint will wrap around intricate objects giving a slick, smooth factory like finish in the colour and sheen of your choosing.


The CeilCote electrostatic spray painting process also eliminates most of the masking and sheeting up associated with other forms of spray painting and is often not necessary at all. Airborne particles are virtually non-existent so office businesses and retail stores can function without disruption.

Our expert onsite electrostatic spray painting service is available nationwide throughout the UK. We work out of normal working hours at your convince 24-7. Available in RAL, BS4800 colours and Metallics, we can also colour match.

Our electrostatic spraying process reduces wasted paint considerably over other spraying methods. We are also proud to recycle all our solvents. If you are not sure if the CeilCote electrostatic process is right for your project, Please call or email us, we would be happy to advise you further, or visit site and carry out a survey.

Here is a selection of  electrostatic spraying work we have been involved in:

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