Onsite Paint Spraying

CeilCote has specialised in onsite spray painting in the UK since 1989. Our spray painting is carried out by skilled professionals with years of experience. Our Spray painting service has taken years to develop workable proven procedures, CeilCote are recognised as the pioneers of onsite spray painting in the UK. No job is too small or too large. We provide free quotations and surveys on request.

CeilCote concentrate on commercial and retail property from onsite spraying of ceilings, walls, shop-fronts, lift doors, cladding and more … Many decorating companies continue to use brush and rollers; these methods are regarded as the norm in the UK. Modernisation to spray painting has allowed the company to increase in size and recognition.


Many companies now know the advantage of having areas sprayed. The finished result is smooth soft textured. When a factory finished surface requires refurbishing, spray painting is the only option to restore the surface to like the new condition. A variety of colours including metallic are available. Companies wishing to enhance their corporate image should choose onsite spray painting as opposed to brush and roller.

Modern day restoration coatings are designed to last between 3 to 12 years depending on where the restoration coatings are to be applied and what quality of restoration coating is specified. Proper preparation is essential for quality results. Clients rely upon quality spray painting companies to protect walls, floors, lights, furniture, etc, guaranteeing all areas are protected while spray painting is carried out onsite during out of hours working. Clients return in the morning to find new their spray painted finish with no mess!

Here is a selection of  onsite spray painting work we have been involved in: