Lift Door Spraying

Ceilcote Lift Door Spraying Services

Commercial and retail property owners are constantly facing dents, scuffs, scratches, stains and other cosmetic damage to lift doors. Ceilcote have a solution to this problem by offering onsite lift door spraying.

Ceilcote will attend site and carry out the lift door spraying in-situ. Our teams operate throughout the UK. Working at night or the weekend, a set of lift doors can be resprayed ready for use the next morning.


Ceilcote Lift Door Spraying Process

Ceilcote operatives encapsulate the work area with polythene sheeting then carefully mask button consoles and trims that do not require spraying. Scratches and existing imperfections are filled with epoxy body filler. The substrate is then mechanically abraded and finished off by hand with a fine grit sandpaper.

A primer paint is then applied using the Ceilcote electrostatic spraying process, followed by two topcoats in the colour of your choosing. The site is then de-masked and tidied ready for lift operation the next day.

Extensive preparations prior to lift door spraying include masking, sanding, priming and spraying, which is carried out to every lift door to ensure a quality finish.

Here is a selection of lift door spraying works we have been involved in:

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