Cement and Concrete Ceiling Spraying

Abseiling Spraying


We can also offer abseiling spraying services on many buildings.

Spraying Ceiling Voids – Concrete Ceilings
The latest trends in retail refurbishment is to remove the suspended ceilings and paint the concrete ceiling void, including all service pipes, galvanised trunking and cable trays, etc.

The best solution is to spray apply our multi–surface primer and finish coating. The superior priming and sealing properties of the coating eliminates the need for separate primers. This provides the benefit of cutting down on labour and downtime and allowing large areas to be sprayed and completed in a single shift.

Our CeilCote process is designed for spraying onto the underside of concrete slabs and ceilings, detailed masking procedures allow for a quality result in a variety of RAL/BS colours.

We will paint the concrete ceiling, using a long-handled roller or an airless paint sprayer.

Using our Unicoat paint, which will adhere to the ceiling including any surfaces which require painting, ie, galvanised ducting, pipes, conduit, etc, which will provide a hard surface that won’t be easily chipped or scratched.

If spraying onto a galvanised surface the use of a multi-surface paint is essential or it will peel in a very short period of time.


We thoroughly clean the concrete block walls or concrete slab of all dirt, dust and loose mortar. Scrub the wall/slab with a stiff-bristle brush. Concrete ceiling voids can be found in commercial properties like high street stores, supermarkets, warehouses and factories.

We have the experience to provide the right process and coatings required to complete these types of ceilings.

Here is a selection of  onsite spray painting work we have been involved in:

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