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Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Spraying Services

Suspended ceiling spray restoration was pioneered in the UK by ProCoat UK Ltd in the 80’s, since then a lot has changed and the industry has grown.

The Ceilcote process is a unique airless spray treatment specificaly developed for the application of ceiling restoration coatings. Suspended Ceiling Restoration coats are inexpensive coatings that can be spray applied to any ceiling surface and associated grids without sticking tiles to grids, 100% acoustics are maintained and subjected to the Class O Fire Rating Part 6&7. All our acoustic ceiling restoration coatings are water-based and environmentally friendly.

As a responsible UK manufacturing company we should all do our part to minimise our carbon footprint. Our goal is to educate commercial and retail properties to retain their acoustic suspended ceilings over a longer period of time by having them sprayed. By adhering to this procedure we will decrease our dumping and help improve our environment. By the year 2030 the UK will have no more dumping grounds.


CeilCote supply a specialist coating specifically formulated for the onsite spray painting and refurbishment of all types of acoustic suspended ceilings. The coating is quick drying and retains the acoustic qualities and fire rating of the original tiles, providing a non-bridging finish to the existing ceiling tiles and grid.

Water based and virtually odourless, our suspended ceiling spraying process is ideal for application in occupied offices and trading retail stores as areas can be re-occupied immediately upon completion.

CeilCote use modern water based products and will recoat your ceiling after hours or during weekends so as not to interfere with trading. We fully mask all ceiling fixings and also protect all areas before ceiling spraying. We will leave your working environment clean and tidy after completion so not to affect your business in any way.

ceilcote-logoSuitable for suspended mineral fibre ceilings and plaster ceiling tiles, CeilCote PRC007 is a unique one-coat treatment, odourless, environmentally friendly, waterbased, Class O Fire Rating Part 6&7, non-bridging (will not clog fissures or stick tiles to metal grid sections). Available in a variety of colours.

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Here is a selection of acoustic suspended ceiling spraying work we have been involved in:

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