Ceiling Spraying Services

If you are looking to restore your existing suspended ceiling or soffit, we can help. Utilising our Cellcote process and specialist spray applied coatings, we can professionally restore all types of mineral fibre ceiling tiles, plain metal pan ceiling tiles, perforated metal pan ceiling tiles, concrete soffits, metal soffits and associated steelwork. Remember this is all completed in-situ and coatings are water based.


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Ceilings of all types can become dirty or discoloured over time, and some often suffer from smoke or signs of water damage. We can offer you a cost effective way of refurbishing your ceiling without the inconvenience of renewing or refitting.

CeilCote_BHS_ceiling-spray-worksCeilCote have years of experience in ceiling refurbishment and industrial airless spraying and we have undertaken works ranging from small shops to large office refurbishments. We use modern water based products and can spray your ceiling after hours or during weekends so as not to interfere with trading. We fully mask all ceiling fixings and protect all areas before ceiling spraying and we will leave your working environment clean and tidy after completion so not to affect trading.

We can spray apply our coating to: Mineral Fibre, Open Cell, Metal Pan/Perforated, Concrete Voids, Plaster, Fibreglass … Ceilcote are fully experienced in spraying all types of ceilings including ornate, plaster, plasterboard and services, whether it be on a building site or in an occupied building or premises.

We use all the latest access techniques when ceiling spraying, which means little disruption to items on the floor. We simply mask everything that’s not to be coated in the area and spray, getting over high access areas using powered access where possible and spray pole extensions elsewhere. This ensures we can spray vast areas of ceiling and then return the area back to its original state in a very quick turnaround time.

We can match any colour in a water based eco-friendly finish. Our service can be up to 75% cheaper than replacing a ceiling, no disruption to the workplace, 500 square metres completed in furnished areas per shift, our spray Coatings use environmentally friendly materials, Class ‘O’ fire rating, variety of BS and RAL colours available, tiles will not warp, acoustic performance is retained. We spray many types of suspended ceilings and soffits including mineral fibre ceiling tiles, plain metal pan, perforated metal pan ceiling tiles, magnagrid and roof deck soffits. virtually any ceiling can be sprayed by Ceilcote onsite and in situ.

Ceiling restoration was pioneered in the UK by ProCoat UK Ltd in the 80’s, since then a lot has changed and we have grown with the markeplace.

CeilCote_A-C-ceiling-cassetteThe CeilCote process is a unique airless spray treatment specifically developed for the application of ceiling restoration coatings.

Suspended Ceiling Restoration coatings are inexpensive coatings that can be applied to any ceiling surface and associated grids without sticking tiles to grids, 100% acoustics are maintained and subjected to the class ‘O’ fire rating part 6 and 7. All our ceiling restoration coatings are water based and environment friendly.

As a responsible UK manufacturing compant we make every effort to minimise our carbon footprint. Our goal is to educate commercial and retail properties to retain their ceilings over a longer period of time by having them sprayed. By adhering to this procedure we will decrease our dumping and help improve our environment. By the year 2030 the UK will have no more dumping grounds.

CeilCote suspended ceiling spraying is a coating with an antimicrobial technology. This additive is proven to kill bacteria when applied to our ceiling restoration coatings. This technology is used by hospitals, schools, food industries, etc, to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria.

Ceilcote has launched PRC007 for acoustic ceilings and STC009 for metal ceilings, a unique spray-on product which will restore existing suspended ceiling tiles and grids to their original glory for mineral fibre and metal ceilings.

With our CeilCote spraying process, all ceilings can be restored to a like new condition at a fraction of the cost of renewal.

Ceilcote_antimicrobialAn additive which, when added to your ceiling coatings, provides protection and sanitisation against the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi, mycelium, spirea, e-coli, salmonella, sick building syndrome, etc. Ideal for hospitals, food preparation areas and areas requiring a high level of hygiene. It provides years of protection.