Spray Painting Office Partitioning and Curtain Walling

From city office spaces to hotels and school buildings, partitioning and curtain walling is popular. It gives a room an open feeling and lets more light penetrate the space.

Maintenance and decoration of the aluminium glazing frames is often overlooked. However over time dents, scuffs, screw holes and discolouration demand attention.

Ceilcote specialise in the onsite spray painting of office partitioning and curtain walling. Our spray painting process is preferred by leading companies and architects / surveyors.

We remove existing loose paint and fill imperfections such as screw holes or scratches. We then spray apply quick drying paint that is available in any colour.

office partitioning paint sprayed by ceilcote.com

Partition sprayed by Ceilcote

Choose Ceilcote for your spraying projects. Please contact us – Lloyd Morrisceilcote-header[1]

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