Spray Painting Air Conditioning Cassettes

Air conditioning cassettes are usually only manufactured in white.  This is acceptable in most locations, however if an architect or designer requires a different look or ambiance then white may spoil the desired effect. Our onsite spray painting process solves this problem. We  spray paint ac cassettes any colour.

image of an air conditioning cassette spray painted black

Air conditioning cassette spray painted black













When we spray paint the ac cassettes insitu, All the surrounding substrates that are not to be spray painted are precision masked, walls and floors are sheeted up to protect from overspray. The cassettes are then cleaned, lightly abraded and the spray painted with our high build primer followed by 2 topcoats of our proprietary topcoat finish in the colour chosen. 

We can also paint spray the ac cassettes out of situ onsite. This usually means creating a tented spray area.

image of onsite spray tent

onsite spray tent












photo of 600x600 air vents spray painted onsite

air vents spray painted onsite by ceilcote













contact us if you require air conditioning cassettes spray painted