Onsite spray painting metal staircases sprayed by CEILCOTE

staircase spray painting

CEILCOTE spray metal staircase sand blasted, primed and topcoated finished photo

paint spraying by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE carry out a project to 2no commercial property buildings where the cleint instructed CEILCOTE to carry out onsite spray painting work to metal staircases. Before photo

CEILCOTE carry out onsite spray painting to 4no metal staircases which required shot blasting, priming and topcoating. The result was like night and day! The client is very impressed and talks of another commercial building to be sprayed. Window frames and doors both sides. The onsite spray painting works were carried out with other trades working on large commercial site. CEILCOTE operatives work well with other trades to allow for project to finish on time.

Property companies  can with confidence employ market leading CEILCOTE to carry out any onsite spray painting works to metal window frames, doors, staircases, balustrades, shutters, roller doors, soffits, ceilings, cladding and much more… Visit our NEW website www.ceilcote.com

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