Onsite Paint Spraying UK

Ceilcote.com spray painting the Vauxhall car showroom in Peterborough

Have you been reviewing your business as a whole and come to the conclusion it requires an injection of life to its appearance? When you want an effective and affordable way to improve the aesthetics of your business, then you can always rely on our onsite paint spraying in the UK.

All surfaces can become stained, dirt-encrusted and discoloured over time whether it’s the interior or exterior of your property. We’re a specialist nationwide on-site paint spraying specialist who can refurbish ceilings, shop fronts and even help you to re-design your interior.

Paint spraying offers a great deal of benefits, it’s most pivotal is the ability to completely transform the appearance of a property. When there is any kind of construction work happening, it can lead to great disruption to the business. But with our paint spraying expertise, there is minimal interruption and the end result will be beneficial to you. We’ve worked with a variety of companies across the UK, ranging from the Google offices in London to Boots, Apple and Maserati.

Our paint spraying is seen as a form of painting and decorating to many, but painters and decorators will use paintbrushes and rollers to spread the paint. It looks great, but it takes more time. We as paint sprayers cover larger areas in a shorter space of time. It’s quicker than painting with a brush, and it even beats it on the appearance too – our paint spraying finish will be smooth and even.

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