Onsite London Spray Painting ceilings shopfronts cladding lift doors and more… by CEILCOTE

The city of London never sleeps and as such works continue 24/7, building and changing the fabric of the city. A company with over 25 years experience are helping make this a reality. CEILCOTE provide a unique service from new build to refurbishment works. They are the unsung hero’s who transform old tired looking or new unfinished metal substraits like windows, doors, cladding, ceilings, etc into finished colour surfaces. This enhancement provides a like factory finish into clients corporate colours or just tidying up old tired surfaces. The transformation is truly amazing!

CEILCOTE use trained skilled spray painters to make sure the works ordered are what are delivered. Quality and service at competitive prices nationally.


on site spray painting London

Where CEILCOTE work London 24/7 spray painting ceilings, shopfronts, cladding, lift doors