MSC005 – PRC007 – CBC110 water based ceiling restoration coatings

All types of ceilings can be restored to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of renewal. Acoustic mineral fibre using PRC007 water based ceiling restoration coating – maintains 100% of acoustics, class O fire rating and will not bridge allowing for void access, available in a variety of colours. CBC110 water based metal ceiling restoration coating – maintains acoustics, class O fire rating, strong durable finish easy to clean, available in a variety of colours. MSC005 water based concrete/galvanised soffit coating, direct application on to galvanised without having to etch prime, available in a variety of colours.

CEILCOTE (ProCoat UK LTD) pioneers in starting the onsite ceiling spray painting UK market know exactly what is required when carrying out onsite spray painting. Trained operatives, detailed masking preparation using proven materials to gaurentee a successful project completion. All our ceiling restoration coatings are designed to be applied by airless which duplicated the manufacturers factory finish.

CEILCOTE (ProCoat UK LTD) are recommended by Armstrong Industries the worlds largest manufacturer of ceilings.

If you care about the environment

ceiling spray painting

all ceilings can be restored by CEILCOTE

contact CEILCOTE the next time your thinking about having work done to your ceilings. By keeping your ceilings and having them sprayed painted insitu by CEILCOTE you are addressing landfill issues and saving our planet.

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