Lift door onsite spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE continue to impress with there ability to provide quality onsite spray painting work. Lift doors have been a well subscribed option for lift companies. Most lift companies are asked to provide there lift doors primed only when delivered to site. CEILCOTE supply onsite spray painting service to the lift company or the client direct.

Lift doors are supplied a couple of variable formats. Centre feed, side feed and top and bottom feed for opening. The lift door and surrounds are cleaned down, high build primed and top coated with a 2 pack coating available in RAL & BS colours.

CEILCOTE would be pleased to provide  a free quotation for any onsite spray painting works. Visit our NEW website for more information on all our services.

Lift door spraying

Lift doors and surrounds sprayed by CEILCOTE nationally