How To Spray Paint Shopfronts – Site Maserati

Once again Ceilcote have achieved an advanced level of spray painting service. This time we have resprayed a Maserati car dealership. Window and door glazing frames refinished in situ. The Ceilcote spray painting process has been refined over a period of 25 years and is trusted as the best throughout the industry. with competitive prices and unrivalled service – Choose Ceilcote for your spraying project. Below is a brief outline of the Ceilcote spraying process.

Press the YouTube button to see the Maserati dealership window frames getting sprayed.    

press to see youtube video of ceilcote spray painting

Ceilcote dusting down window frames

Remove debris from window frames

ceilcote cleaning window frames

Throughly clean window frames

Pecision mask window glazing

Precision mask window glazing

Sand window frames

Sand window frames

Spray paint window frames. 1 Primer followed by 2 topcoats.

Spray paint window frames. 1 Primer followed by 2 topcoats.

onsite spray painting photo

Finished shopfront spray painting by


Please contact us if you have a shopfront that needs spraying.Lloyd Morris

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