CEILING spray works by CEILCOTE/ProCoat UK LTD

Ceilcote_Premier League London ceiling spray

ProCoat UK LTD/CEILCOTE ceiling restoration coatings and accessories

ProCoat UK LTD began offering onsite ceiling spray painting back in 1989. ProCoat UK LTD were the pioneers in offering such a service. We set out a list of procedures to guarantee onsite success for our approved contractors and clients. We tested a variety of manufacturers materials from continuous polythene sheeting to various tacks of double sided tape. Once we were happy with our masking preparation materials we set out application guide outlining the most efficient way of achieving a quality result “looks like new” at a fraction of the cost of renewal.

ProCoat UK LTD sell a line of ceiling restoration coatings as well as all masking preparation materials. The ceiling restoration coating are the best on the market and to prove that were recommended by Armstrong Industries the worlds largest manufacturer of ceilings.

ProCoat are fast approaching 25 years of national service contact us today and help us celebrate…If your a commercial or retail property owner contact us and let us save you money!

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