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Restore all types of ceilings by ProCoat UK LTD – CEILCOTE

Things are looking brighter meaning more money is being spent on the economy. Companies feel confident in releasing money long overdue for maintenance/refurbishment projects. CEILCOTE have experienced an increase in quoting and carrying out onsite spray painting works for everything from spray ceilings to spraying shopfronts. The level of quality workmanship has has suffered thru this period of tight purse strings. Being competitive is one thing but quality workmanship and customer service is quite another. Many have found out the hard way sometimes the cheapest is not the option to go for! CEILCOTE are fast approaching 25 years of service in the UK. The marketplace is constantly changing and being able to adapt quickly is essential to maintaining position in your marketplace. It is also essential to provide quality and service at competitive prices and not to forget customer service.

CEILCOTEProCoat UK LTD originally only offer a single service back in 1989 onsite ceiling spray painting! As pioneers in this market ProCoat UK LTD were the first to offer such a service in the UK. Ceiling cleaning services were available with very mixed results being achieved. ProCoat UK LTD CEILCOTE provided a service which transformed suspended ceilings to a like new finish maintaining 100% acoustics, non bridging, water based and class O fire rated. All this a fraction of the price of renewal!

ProCoat UK LTD CEILCOTE developed a range of ceiling restoration coatings suitable for all types of ceilings.  ProCoat UK LTD CEILCOTE approached architects and surveyors nationally to gain interest and arrange for ceiling restoration coatings to be specified. Over the last 25 years many High Street Retailers and commercial property owners continue to trust in quality proven ceiling restoration coatings by ProCoat UK LTD CEILCOTE

If at this time remewal is not an option maybe the next best thing is… Call ProCoat UK LTD CEILCOTE0800-374-302