Ceiling spray painting, acoustic, metal pan/perforated, concrete soffits/galvanised

spray paint ceilings

  CEILCOTE can restoration all types of ceilings

acoustic ceiling restoration

acoustic ceiling and wall panels spray painted onsite

concrete ceilings

Soffits and galvanised services sprayed to create an urban look

CEILCOTE the UK pioneers in onsite ceiling spray painting began spraying ceilings back in 1989. The UK market was non existent. Pro Coat UK LTD began manufacturing a li9ne of ceiling restoration coatings – acoustic PRC007, metal CBC110, concrete MSC005 all available in a variety of colours.A network of contractors were setup across the UK, trained in procedures and ready to carry out ceiling spray painting works.

CEILCOTE the preferred contractor to Pro Coat carry out a variety of onsite spray painting works from spraying ceilings to spraying cladding. For more information please visit www.ceilcote.com