Ceilcote spray paint school ceilings – suspended ceilings

Ceilcote are experts at spray painting ceilings. Over 25 years we have been selected by schools throughout the Uk to spray paint their ceilings.

We are the leading onsite spraying Company that specialise in ceiling restoration.

We manufacture our own restoration paints and coatings for all types of ceilings, Be they suspended mineral fibre or metal, Ceiling voids and soffits.

  1. PRC007 Acoustic Ceiling Coating
  2. STC009 Metal Ceiling Coating
  3. MRC005 concrete /soffits/voids
School suspended ceilings spray painted by ceilcote

School suspended ceilings spray painted by ceilcote








  • Available in any colour
  • Acoustic properties maintained
  • Water based spray paints
  • spray applied in situ
  • Non bridging or sticking toiles to grid.

Please contact us for ceiling spraying services – Lloyd Morris


T- 0207 519 6362