CEILCOTE Spray Paint Ceilings – All Types Nationally

The UK has millions of M2 ceiling area.  On occassion the ceiling area may become unsightly thru build up of surface dirt especially around d AC grills. The first thought when this is encountered is to enquire about renewal. But picture this, instead of ripping out the old ceiling and contributing to our ever growing problem with landfill have that old tired looking ceiling sprayed by CEILCOTE. For the last 25 years CEILCOTE have been restoring dirty stained ceilings by spray painting with recognised water based environmentally safe coatings recommended by Armstrong Industries the world leader in the manufacture of ceilings.

CEILCOTE have perfected a procedure in the restoration old dirty stained ceilings to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of renewal.  On average a team of 3 men can mask and spray paint approx 500M2 ceiling area under 3m high. The procedure consists of masking techinics and the use of quality manufactured ceiling restoration coatings by ProCoat UK LTD – the market leader for ceiling g restoration coatings.

If CEILCOTE can be of future service for any onsite spray painting works please contact them 0800 374 302  or visit website ceilcote.com

CEILCOTE ceiling spray painting

Ceiling spray painting works – CEILCOTE PRC007 acoustic ceiling restoration coating

spray painting ceilings

ceiling spray painting

spray painting metal ceilings

metal ceilings restored to like new condition by CEILCOTE

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