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Lift door paint spraying service by ceilcote.com

ceilcote.com have just completed the lift door paint spraying works for our client on Oxford Street London. The existing lift doors had been in continual use for several years and whilst in good working order had become sullied by dirt and scuffs. Ceilcotes onsite spray painting technicians attended site and resprayed the lift doors and surrounds […]

Lift door spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE specialise is spray painting lift doors/surrounds nationally since 1989. Lift doors get a lot of abuse over time and thus require attention. CEILCOTE use quality 2 pack coatings to maintain a quality durable surface. Lift doors can be sprayed in a variety of colours Lift doors restored to like new condition

Paint Spraying in Northampton

Interior and exterior painting needs to be done every five years or so to ensure your premises remains looking professional and appealing to passers-by. When it comes to the method of painting, paint spraying has an obvious advantage. Paint spraying allows you to paint and cover surfaces more quickly than if you were using brushes […]

Spray Painting Aluminium Window Frames

Ceilcote are onsite spray painting specialists, Working throughout the uk we provide customers with the highest standard of spray painting services . Westlink House ( Pyrene ), 981 Great West Road, Brentford, London. Is a project that Ceilcote are proud to have completed. The great west road his home to many art deco style industrial […]

Commercial/retail spray painting

Spring is on it’s way and many commercial/retail properties look to carry out required maintenance. A growing number are having spray painting works carried out. This service is a growing market in the UK. There are a number of quality spray painting companies “CEILCOTE” a recognised leader in the market since 1989 specialise in onsite […]


High Street retailers face difficult decisions regarding planned refurbishment regarding ceilings. Their are really 2 options to consider. 1 renewal, this option is costly and disruptive but you have a new ceiling. Option 2 the ceiling can be spray painting

Warehouse and office cladding decoration by Ceilcote.com

Warehouse cladding is designed to last many years, However over time the environment and weathering can make cladding lose its colour. If no periodic maintenance is carried out on the cladding then the original paint will start to fail sooner than later. This exhibits itself as flaking paint, rust and water ingress inside the building […]

ALL Things… Spray Painting by CEILCOTE

The city of London near stops! Day or night 7 days a week 365 days a year. CEILCOTE provide an expert onsite service complementing the requirements of working in London. Onsite spray painting works for commercial and retail property – spraying ceilings, soffits, shopfronts, lift doors, cladding and much more… Visit our website www.ceilcote.com or […]

Spray Painting Lift door by Ceilcote.com

Lift Doors are often damaged thru continual use. They are subject to knocks and scuffs that in time leave the paint finish looking tired. ceilcote.com provides an onsite spray painting service for lift doors. We use paints that are hard wearing and durable. Available in any colour our paints dry fast and will last for […]

End of Year Onsite Spray Painting Commercial Property

It’s been a great year so far… As the end of year approaches this is a very busy time for commercial property to make enhancements i.e. onsite spray painting works ceilings, shopfronts, lift doors, cladding, curtain walling, balustrades, soffits, blockwork walls etc. When searching for a quality contractor it is important to consider several aspects. […]

Spray painting the first coat of PVC94 cladding paint

Commercial & Retail onsite spray painting by CEILCOTE

Making you commercial/retail property look like new again…. CEILCOTE service the UK nationally and have done so for the last 25 years carrying our onsite spray painting works. Commercial and retail property can be dramatically enhanced/changed at a fraction of the cost of renewal. Window frames, doors, soffits, ceilings, cladding, balustrades etc can all be […]

CEILCOTE spray 2nd Phase Cladding for Commercial Business Park

This time of year is busy especially when the weather is good as it’s cladding spray painting season. CEILCOTE were awarded order for 2nd phase cladding and window frame spray painting works to commercial business park in London. All access was supplied by main contractor scissor lifts and cherry pickers. The cladding was cleaned down pressure […]

Cladding decoration and cladding spray painting by CeilCote

Ceilcote are delighted to have achieved 25 years of service to the decoration and spray painting of warehouse cladding. Over this period we have refurbished vast amounts cladding for thousands of satisfied customers.                     Our proprietry cladding paint PVC94 is compatible with Plastisol, PVF2, Silicone Polyester and plasticised finishes on […]

We spray industrial doors

Ceilcote have spray painted hundreds of industrial doors. Our durable paints will return dull and tired factory doors to a clean new appearance. We offer a wide selection of colours and gloss levels. Our spraying technicians work all across the Uk. Our spraying works are often done out of normal hours so clients can continue […]

Ceilcote Ceiling Void Spray Painting London

CEILCOTE begins another on site spraying project to provide a uniform spray finish to the exposed concrete ceiling void of 1200m2 over three floors of a new HMV store. Over the next three weeks we will be visiting site as programmed by our client. Ultralizing our CEILCOTE process to spray apply our MCSoo5 multi surface […]