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Metal suspended ceiling spray painting – De Beers

Metal suspended ceilings are an expensive option. However once installed the ceiling will outlast most other types of suspended ceilings. Even so with time the ceiling will attract dirt and may become discoloured. Ceilcote manufacture STC009 Metal Ceiling Coating to restore the brand new look of existing ceilings. Spray applied insitu to both tiles and […]

CEILCOTE Spray Paint Ceilings – All Types Nationally

The UK has millions of M2 ceiling area.  On occassion the ceiling area may become unsightly thru build up of surface dirt especially around d AC grills. The first thought when this is encountered is to enquire about renewal. But picture this, instead of ripping out the old ceiling and contributing to our ever growing […]

Architectural spray painting services by CEILCOTE

With over 25 years of service CEILCOTE strive to provide quality products for specification when it comes to the restoration of ceilings for commercial and retail property. Architects, surveyors and facilities managers specify CEILCOTE for a number of reasons… quality line of water based ceiling restoration coatings, PRC007 acoustic ceiling restoration coating a provin water based […]