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Warehouse and office cladding decoration by

Warehouse cladding is designed to last many years, However over time the environment and weathering can make cladding lose its colour. If no periodic maintenance is carried out on the cladding then the original paint will start to fail sooner than later. This exhibits itself as flaking paint, rust and water ingress inside the building […]

On Site Spraying on site spray painters spray all types of substrates in site. working across the Uk for commercial clients we achieve the best possible spray finish and quality at competitive prices.

Cladding spraying, by cladding sprayers onsite sprayers have completed another cladding spraying job. CBS power tools in Peterborough. The original paint finish had failed and was flaking profusely. We removed the loose paint. power washed the entire building, masked up all the surrounding areas. zinc phosphate primed the bare metal then applied two coats of our proprietary cladding paint […]

Cladding Paint Spray Painting – access by cherry picker – CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE – spray painting specialists Commercial and retail property spray painting. With good news about the economy, purse strings seem to be relaxed and an increase for onsite spray painting works continue to grow second half of the year. Cladding paint spraying to commercial buildings is one of the most requested forms of spray painting […]

Cladding Spray Painting for Commercial & Retail Buildings

The UK market is coming alive again with landlords instructing main contractors, facilities companies etc to price for spray painting cladding. Many properties have been left for years and as such require additional prep work in reference to flaking paint. CEILCOTE provide such a service to making old tired looking cladding look like new again. […]

CEILCOTE spray 2nd Phase Cladding for Commercial Business Park

This time of year is busy especially when the weather is good as it’s cladding spray painting season. CEILCOTE were awarded order for 2nd phase cladding and window frame spray painting works to commercial business park in London. All access was supplied by main contractor scissor lifts and cherry pickers. The cladding was cleaned down pressure […]

Get your warehouse Let. How ? Use CeilCote Cladding Sprayers To Give It A Brand New Look

Warehouse units are often difficult to let if they don’t look at their best. The above warehouse was sitting empty for 18 Months , It was passed over by potential tenants even though it had a prime location and was well maintained inside.  The owner of the unit contracted CeilCote to spray paint the cladding and […]

Cladding decoration and cladding spray painting by CeilCote

Ceilcote are delighted to have achieved 25 years of service to the decoration and spray painting of warehouse cladding. Over this period we have refurbished vast amounts cladding for thousands of satisfied customers.                     Our proprietry cladding paint PVC94 is compatible with Plastisol, PVF2, Silicone Polyester and plasticised finishes on […]