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Spray Painting Air Conditioning Cassettes

Air conditioning cassettes are usually only manufactured in white.  This is acceptable in most locations, however if an architect or designer requires a different look or ambiance then white may spoil the desired effect. Our onsite spray painting process solves this problem. We  spray paint ac cassettes any colour.             […]

Ceiling spray painting for commercial premises

Ceilcote.com manufacture and apply specialist paints and coatings to rejuvenate all types of ceilings. Including suspended ceilings both metal and mineral fibre, concrete slabs, galvanised soffits, and ceiling voids. Our spray painting technicians attend site and use polythene sheeting to encapsulate the entire work area  Light fittings and ceiling services are precision masked The ceiling is thoroughly prepared and […]

CEILCOTE national spray painting specialists

Commercial and retail property are quickly catching on to the benefits of having onsite spray painting  work carried our to shopfronts, soffits, cladding, window frames, doors, balustrades, lift doors, heat casings, ac cassettes and more… The result is as close to factory as you will achieve. The days of brush and roller are limited with […]


Since 1989 CEILCOTE (ProCoat UK LTD) have been providing a service to restore tired old looking ceilings to like new condition. Using quality manufactured ceiling restoration coatings and a proven set of application procedures ensure a quality result. Considerable cost savings  compared to renewal £££. If your ceiling is beginning to look old and tired […]

MSC005 – PRC007 – CBC110 water based ceiling restoration coatings

All types of ceilings can be restored to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of renewal. Acoustic mineral fibre using PRC007 water based ceiling restoration coating – maintains 100% of acoustics, class O fire rating and will not bridge allowing for void access, available in a variety of colours. CBC110 water based […]

On Site Spraying

Ceilcote.com on site spray painters spray all types of substrates in site. working across the Uk for commercial clients we achieve the best possible spray finish and quality at competitive prices.

CEILCOTE Spray Paint Ceilings – All Types Nationally

The UK has millions of M2 ceiling area.  On occassion the ceiling area may become unsightly thru build up of surface dirt especially around d AC grills. The first thought when this is encountered is to enquire about renewal. But picture this, instead of ripping out the old ceiling and contributing to our ever growing […]

Do your suspended ceilings need spray painting ?

On site spray painting of suspended ceilings Are your suspended ceilings looking a bit tired and discoloured. If so , then you may be considering a brand new suspended ceiling. But really there is no need. Try our on site acoustic ceiling renovation process. It the quickest most cost effective way to make your ceiling look new […]

Architectural spray painting services by CEILCOTE

With over 25 years of service CEILCOTE strive to provide quality products for specification when it comes to the restoration of ceilings for commercial and retail property. Architects, surveyors and facilities managers specify CEILCOTE for a number of reasons… quality line of water based ceiling restoration coatings, PRC007 acoustic ceiling restoration coating a provin water based […]

5 Benefits of using Ceilcote onsite sprayers

  1. We are highly competitive on price and can save you money. 2. We work out of normal hours to get your project sprayed. 3. Our paints dry fast so your business can operate hassle free. 4. We help reduce landfill by refurbishing existing substrates. 5. Ceilcote offer a nationwide onsite spray painting service. Please choose Ceilcote […]

Onsite spray painting – ceilings – shopfronts – cladding – lift doors – concrete soffits – balustrades – breezeblock walls

Onsite spray painting London by CEILCOTE

London offers the greatest potential for continuous on site spray painting works from spray painting ceilings to curtain walling. Quantity surveyors and architects specify onsite spray painting to create a smooth factory like surface which is cosmetitcally more appealing. Spray painting has is a very important part to play in any refurbishment or new build project. […]

Ceilcote spray paint school ceilings – suspended ceilings

Ceilcote are experts at spray painting ceilings. Over 25 years we have been selected by schools throughout the Uk to spray paint their ceilings. We are the leading onsite spraying Company that specialise in ceiling restoration. We manufacture our own restoration paints and coatings for all types of ceilings, Be they suspended mineral fibre or […]

Onsite spray painting London by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE welcome the year 2014 as they will be celebrating 25 years of service. The story begins as a company called ProCoat UK LTD specialising in spray painting works to all types of ceilings. ProCoat were the pioneers in ceiling spray painting work in the UK. A line of ceiling restoration coatings were presented to […]

Amusement Arcade Ceiling Spray Painted Black

Ceilcote have completed the spray painting of an amusement arcade suspended ceiling in black.  Our customer could not source the ceiling tiles in black from a manufacturer, After searching the internet he found us. We advised him that we could spray the ceiling in situ and in any colour that was requested. After spraying 800m2 […]

Commercial & Retail property maintenance by CEILCOTE

  CEILCOTE offer a quality maintenance program for onsite spray painting works. Spray painting to metal window frames and doors, cladding, balustrades, security gates, curtain walling and ceilings. CEILCOTE are close approaching 25 years of service in the UK. For quality and service second to none people choose CEILCOTE knowing the onsite spray painting works […]

Ceiling spray painting work by CEILCOTE

Things are looking brighter meaning more money is being spent on the economy. Companies feel confident in releasing money long overdue for maintenance/refurbishment projects. CEILCOTE have experienced an increase in quoting and carrying out onsite spray painting works for everything from spray ceilings to spraying shopfronts. The level of quality workmanship has has suffered thru […]

CEILING restoration coatings by ProCoat UK LTD – restore your ceiling today!

  ProCoat UK LTD offer a wide variety of ceiling restoration coatings from acoustic to concrete including services (galvanised)! ProCoat’s ceiling restoration coatings are available in RAL & BS colours. 99% of ProCoat’s ceiling restoration coatings are water based, maintain 100% acoustics, class O fire rating, will not bridge tile and grid preventing access to ceiling void. […]

London commercial property spray painting works by CEILCOTE

It’s Friday and the sun is shining! We will complete our outside onsite spray painting work today! We have been spraying cladding, shopfronts, ceilings and lift doors. The week has been had it’s share of ups and downs, more ups than downs! The weather earlier on this week was very wet and windy and that […]

Huge savings when you choose ceiling spraying

  Professional spray painting of suspended ceilings is an attractive way to save money over replacement. As an example, we have just completed the in situ spraying of the suspended ceilings at a bowling alley in Norwich. 400m2 of suspended ceiling sprayed over one night shift. Our client had compared quotations with replacement and informed […]

Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Spraying

  Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Spraying A brand new acoustic suspended ceiling can last for decades if well maintained. Periodic cleaning  with a static brush or vacuum cleaner will remove surface contamination such as dust and cobwebs , this alone can be enough for several years. However at some time the suspended ceiling will start to […]

Spray Ceiling Voids And Soffits With Ceilcote MSC005 Multi Surface Coating

Spray painting ceiling voids and soffits is becoming very popular. Lots of retailers and office owners are choosing to spray the ceiling void/soffit as opposed to installing a new suspended ceiling. It creates more volume to the room and can look very contemporary if done correctly. Often the whole ceiling void and soffit is spray painted […]

Suspended Ceiling Spraying And Refurbishment

Ceilcote have been spraying suspended ceilings for 25 years. We introduced the first acoustic ceiling coating to the UK in 1989. Our ceiling coating Ceilcote PRC007 was specifically designed to refurbish suspended ceilings in situ. Applied via airless spray, it returns the suspended ceiling to a brand new appearance. The work is done usually out […]