Canopy spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE specialise in onsite spray painting for metal canopies. Over  a period of time metal canopies become weathered and stained from the elements, the sun and rain as well as polution takes it’s toll.Clients may require a new colour to display a new image or maintain present image by using the same colours.What the public perceives as an attractive display encourages many property landlords to consider spending money to satisfy the publics needs. A clean new look can mean the difference between the public entering a building or passing straight by.

spray painting

CEILCOTE onsite canopy spray painting works

CEILCOTE works start from carrying out onsite survey to assertain the clients needs. Moving forward the metal canopy would be cleaned down to remove surface contamination, sand down any rust areas, followed by spot priming. We then apply topcoat 2 pack coating in any RAL colour. We use 2 pack coatings which have a good life cycle and are able to be maintained thru periotic cleaning.For more information on spray painting metal canopies please contact CEILCOTE 0800-374-302 or