Bus Shelter enclosure – CEILCOTE onsite spray painting works

Bus shelter metal - CEILCOTE spray painting

Have your tired bus shelter restored to look like new! Call CEILCOTE

Bus shelters might not be at the top of many peoples thoughts, but when they become unsightly looking from general pollution and everyday wear and tear. City councils have a responsibility to the public to maintain the appearance of all public bus shelters. CEILCOTE provide such a service for maintaining metal bus shelters. Onsite spray painting service, detailes masking preparation, sanding rusted areas, followed by priming and topcoating using 2 pack coatings. The application is electrostatic, this is the best suited as the overspray is minimised but masking must still take place to ensure no overspray occurs. CEILCOTE can spray paint a bus shelter in any RAL or BS colour.

Calling all cities across the UK if your in need of maintaining your bus shelters contact CEILCOTE for a free quotation. We look forward to being of service… Visit our NEW

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