Canopy spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE specialise in onsite spray painting for metal canopies. Over  a period of time metal canopies become weathered and stained from the elements, the sun and rain as well as polution takes it’s toll.Clients may require a new colour to display a new image or maintain present image by using the same colours.What the public perceives as an […]

Hotel Reception Entrance Door Spray Painting

  A well maintained hotel entrance and reception is vital for image and future business. Often customers will leave comments and reviews online, their first impressions are vital. Ceilcote  have been spray painting hotel entrances and revolving doors for clients in London and across the UK for many years. We are experts at spray painting and have […]

Refrigeration And Chiller Spray Painting for Supermarkets

Ceilcote are expert refrigeration and chiller spray painters. Using our electrostatic spray painting process we can restore the appearance of refrigeration units and chillers. Once our spray painting process is completed the units usable straight away, So business can continue to trade without disruption. Our on site spray painting process is the best and quickest way […]

Revolving Door Spray Painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE continue to provide clients with quality workmanship! Many commercial properties are looking to update different aspects of their property from ceilings to shopfronts. CEILCOTE excel at onsite spray painting work to revolving doors. Detailed masking procedures allow for spray painting only what is required. Similar to when a car is resprayed the detail to […]


Great start to the week, weather is warm and sunny. Were able to get on with onsite cladding spray painting works. The cladding in question was cleaned by pressure washing. This action works well and allows for removing tree sap, tar, general everyday dirt built up over the years. Once the CLADDING cleaning works are complete […]

London commercial property spray painting works by CEILCOTE

It’s Friday and the sun is shining! We will complete our outside onsite spray painting work today! We have been spraying cladding, shopfronts, ceilings and lift doors. The week has been had it’s share of ups and downs, more ups than downs! The weather earlier on this week was very wet and windy and that […]

Calling for Sunshine

It’s been a tough start to the week workwise as Mother nature is not helping us to finish our onsite spraying painting works to cladding and shopfronts. I guess it’s to be expected as this time of year. The jobs in question are near St Pauls and Dartford. The cladding spray painting works have required […]

Reception and entrance spray painting by Ceilcote

Ceilcote spray paint office entrance doors for clients in London and across the UK. We use an electrostatic spray painting process that duplicates a factory finish on site and in situ. Our clients have included large corporations and blue chip companies such as Virgin, Prudential, and BP. These companies understand the importance of maintaining the […]

Huge savings when you choose ceiling spraying

  Professional spray painting of suspended ceilings is an attractive way to save money over replacement. As an example, we have just completed the in situ spraying of the suspended ceilings at a bowling alley in Norwich. 400m2 of suspended ceiling sprayed over one night shift. Our client had compared quotations with replacement and informed […]

CEILCOTE cladding spray painting

Good morning looks like autumn has arrived with it’s wet weather! Our onsite spray painting works have been effected. We are trying to complete our onsite cladding spray painting works. Let’s hope the weather changes and the sun shines. If we can be of service for any onsite cladding spray painting works please contact us. CEILCOTE 0207-519-6362 or 01733-558-251 […]

CEILCOTE Balustrade onsite spray painting

A great indian summers day! Were onsite electrostatic spray painting balustrades in London and working at Heathrow airport spraying ceiling voids. A large cladding spray painting project begins tomorrow in Croydon. All the access has arrived today cherry pickers for the precleaning of the cladding for tomorrow’s spray painting to begin. Let’s hope the weather holds […]

CEILCOTE Cladding spray works

CEILCOTE have just completed a large project in Devon spray painting cladding, curtain walling, soffit, fascia, staircase and columns. The onsite works consisted of cleaning down, priming and topcoating the above mentioned areas. All onsite spray painting works were carried out over the college shut down. The site has a brand new look and ready for […]

Simple changes to refresh your shopfront – Colour change

Refreshing your shop-front or retail store is a great way to attract customers. By offering a clean and inviting shopfront more customers are likely to enter your shop and buy your products. Our on site spraying process is the quickest way to get that new looking shopfront. Either to refresh your existing shopfront or for a complete new […]

Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Spraying

  Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Spraying A brand new acoustic suspended ceiling can last for decades if well maintained. Periodic cleaning  with a static brush or vacuum cleaner will remove surface contamination such as dust and cobwebs , this alone can be enough for several years. However at some time the suspended ceiling will start to […]

Suspended Ceilings painted with PRC007

Spray painting suspended ceilings is a cost effective way to get a new looking ceiling At a fraction of the cost of replacement Ceilcote can refurbish suspended ceilings in situ. Acoustic suspended ceilings absorb a lot more than sound: they also attract a high percentage of airborne particles generated daily in our working environment. With […]

Spray Ceiling Voids And Soffits With Ceilcote MSC005 Multi Surface Coating

Spray painting ceiling voids and soffits is becoming very popular. Lots of retailers and office owners are choosing to spray the ceiling void/soffit as opposed to installing a new suspended ceiling. It creates more volume to the room and can look very contemporary if done correctly. Often the whole ceiling void and soffit is spray painted […]

Lift Door Spraying – Tower Bridge London

Ceilcote have sprayed thousands of lift doors over the past 25 years. We have just recently sprayed the lifts at Tower Bridge in London. Working out of normal hours we masked and sheeted up the work area. Epoxy filler was then used to repair the existing damage and scratches. We then power abraded the lift […]

Onsite Shopfront Spraying And Ceiling Spraying For High Street Retail Stores

  Here at Ceilcote we have continued to be awarded great onsitespraying contracts. Today we are on site spraying the Lush store shopfront at Telford, and the Topman shopfront at Woking. We are using our Ceilcote electrostatic spraying process which achieves factory like paint finishes onsite. Please contact us if you have any spraying projects […]

Ceilcote Launch New Website

Ceilcote are pleased to announce the launch of their new website . We firmly believe we lead the market with our innovative spraying techniques and products, Our new website has expanded on all the onsite spraying elements that we can now offer to our clients. We would like to thank our customers for their […]

Ceilcote Ceiling Void Spray Painting London

CEILCOTE begins another on site spraying project to provide a uniform spray finish to the exposed concrete ceiling void of 1200m2 over three floors of a new HMV store. Over the next three weeks we will be visiting site as programmed by our client. Ultralizing our CEILCOTE process to spray apply our MCSoo5 multi surface […]

Suspended Ceiling Spraying And Refurbishment

Ceilcote have been spraying suspended ceilings for 25 years. We introduced the first acoustic ceiling coating to the UK in 1989. Our ceiling coating Ceilcote PRC007 was specifically designed to refurbish suspended ceilings in situ. Applied via airless spray, it returns the suspended ceiling to a brand new appearance. The work is done usually out […]

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