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Spray Painting Air Conditioning Cassettes

Air conditioning cassettes are usually only manufactured in white.  This is acceptable in most locations, however if an architect or designer requires a different look or ambiance then white may spoil the desired effect. Our onsite spray painting process solves this problem. We  spray paint ac cassettes any colour.             […]

Warehouse Soffit And Steels Spray Painting

Is your property’s paintwork suffering from decay? Perhaps it is falling into a state of disrepair? For professional warehouse and soffit steels spray painting, contact our esteemed service CeilCote to rejuvenate your building’s paintwork. When finding experienced spray painters, look no further than our expert team. We have provided our services to numerous clients over […]

Ribbed Deck Soffit Spray Painted with MSC005 Multi Surface Coating

ceilcote.com have resprayed this ribbed deck soffit with MSC005 Multi surface coating. colour night jewels. Suitable for all embedded surfaces including galvanised, plastic, and air con lagging ect.                   Please contact us should you require an onsite spray painting service – Lloyd Morris 0800 374302

Balustrades Spray Painting In The UK

For professional balustrades painting services in the UK, choose our experienced painters at CeilCote. We can make sure they look as good as new with as limited disruption to your company as possible. As demand for our business continues to grow, we persist to maintain a high standard of service unlike any other. For over […]

Concrete Soffit Paint Spraying London

Are you searching for concrete soffit paint spraying in London? Choose our professional team at CeilCote for expert and local paint spraying support. Whether it’s an interior or exterior feature, we can make sure it is made to look as good as new with our experienced paint spraying services. Our team know what it takes […]

Doors Spray Painting In The UK

Doors are vital for any business. That is why we at CeilCote provide our doors spray painting in the UK to ensure your property looks professional for customer and colleague viewing. Our dedication to paint spraying services is second to none, and with our professional and experienced support, your property’s doors can look as good […]

Ceilcote.com Cladding Decoration Specialists

Ceilcote are cladding decoration specialists, working nationwide we cover London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and more. With our proven cladding decoration systems we restore aged and failing cladding and  if a colour change is required our paints are available in a wide gamut of colours and sheen levels including metallic. We also spray paint many other substrates such as window […]

Onsite Paint Spraying Specialists UK

By recoating indoor and outdoor surfaces, you can dramatically improve and enhance the aesthetic look and appearance of your premises. Surfaces can fade and become stained or discoloured with age, and this form of deterioration will make your building look tired and outdated. If you want to breathe new life into your premises, onsite paint […]

Paint Spraying Peterborough

Are you an architect in search of a professional paint sprayer? Perhaps you’re a surveyor or builder keen to work with a new paint spraying company? If you need paint spraying services then look to the team at CeilCote. Based in Peterborough but catering to clients across the UK, our new mobile-friendly website makes it […]

Paint Spraying Nottingham

Paint spraying allows you to cover a large area in a shorter space of time, especially when compared with using a paintbrush or roller. Paint spraying can be carried out on-site quickly and easily, and if you have a lot of surface to paint then spray painting is the obvious solution. For those within the […]

Shopfront Spraying Services UK

As a business, the last thing you want is for your office windows to let you down when someone visits your premises. A dirty and stained shopfront with cracked or peeling paint will do your business and its image no favours. This will give the impression of a business that does not take a professional […]

Cladding Spray Painting London

Does your cladding look a little tired of late? Has the finish aged and the colour faded? Spray painting offers a quick and cost effective way of bringing an industrial or commercial unit back to life. A factory finish will inevitably fade and lose its lustre in time. The effects of the environment, pollution, traffic […]

Paint Spraying Services London

Do your office walls look in a sorry state? Perhaps your shop front could really benefit from a little paint spraying refurbishment? You’d be surprised what a difference a fresh lick of paint can do for a business. Not only will it give you a boost, but all your visitors, clients, customers and potential clients […]