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Lift door paint spraying service by ceilcote.com

ceilcote.com have just completed the lift door paint spraying works for our client on Oxford Street London. The existing lift doors had been in continual use for several years and whilst in good working order had become sullied by dirt and scuffs. Ceilcotes onsite spray painting technicians attended site and resprayed the lift doors and surrounds […]

Lift door spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE specialise is spray painting lift doors/surrounds nationally since 1989. Lift doors get a lot of abuse over time and thus require attention. CEILCOTE use quality 2 pack coatings to maintain a quality durable surface. Lift doors can be sprayed in a variety of colours Lift doors restored to like new condition

Paint Spraying in Northampton

Interior and exterior painting needs to be done every five years or so to ensure your premises remains looking professional and appealing to passers-by. When it comes to the method of painting, paint spraying has an obvious advantage. Paint spraying allows you to paint and cover surfaces more quickly than if you were using brushes […]

Cladding Spray Painting

Cladding on the outside of a building will, in time, age and fade in colour. This can be due to pollution, UV rays and the environment. Spray painting your cladding provides a cost effective means of bringing cladding back to life, whether it be a commercial or industrial unit. Your cladding panels may also need […]

Spray Painting Aluminium Window Frames

Ceilcote are onsite spray painting specialists, Working throughout the uk we provide customers with the highest standard of spray painting services . Westlink House ( Pyrene ), 981 Great West Road, Brentford, London. Is a project that Ceilcote are proud to have completed. The great west road his home to many art deco style industrial […]

Ceiling spray painting for commercial premises

Ceilcote.com manufacture and apply specialist paints and coatings to rejuvenate all types of ceilings. Including suspended ceilings both metal and mineral fibre, concrete slabs, galvanised soffits, and ceiling voids. Our spray painting technicians attend site and use polythene sheeting to encapsulate the entire work area  Light fittings and ceiling services are precision masked The ceiling is thoroughly prepared and […]

Spray Paint Soffits with MSC005 Multi Surface Coating

Ceilcote.com manufacture and supply MSC005 Multi Surface Coating. This paint is designed to be spray applied on to all types of interior substrates and is particularly suited to ceiling soffits and voids. ceiling soffits and voids often have embedded services such as galvanised trays, electrical cables and ventilation ducting. MSC005 will stick to these surfaces […]

CEILCOTE national spray painting specialists

Commercial and retail property are quickly catching on to the benefits of having onsite spray painting  work carried our to shopfronts, soffits, cladding, window frames, doors, balustrades, lift doors, heat casings, ac cassettes and more… The result is as close to factory as you will achieve. The days of brush and roller are limited with […]

Car Dealership Spray Painting Works

Ceilcote have completed another car showroom spray painting contract. The window and door glazing frames at the Vauxhall car dealership in Peterborough received the Ceilcote spray painting process. Full preparation including masking and sheeting up, sanding and surface conditioning followed by a primer and two topcoats of paint in the Vauxhall corporate colour scheme.   Please contact us if you require […]


Since 1989 CEILCOTE (ProCoat UK LTD) have been providing a service to restore tired old looking ceilings to like new condition. Using quality manufactured ceiling restoration coatings and a proven set of application procedures ensure a quality result. Considerable cost savings  compared to renewal £££. If your ceiling is beginning to look old and tired […]

Metal suspended ceiling spray painting – De Beers

Metal suspended ceilings are an expensive option. However once installed the ceiling will outlast most other types of suspended ceilings. Even so with time the ceiling will attract dirt and may become discoloured. Ceilcote manufacture STC009 Metal Ceiling Coating to restore the brand new look of existing ceilings. Spray applied insitu to both tiles and […]

MSC005 – PRC007 – CBC110 water based ceiling restoration coatings

All types of ceilings can be restored to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of renewal. Acoustic mineral fibre using PRC007 water based ceiling restoration coating – maintains 100% of acoustics, class O fire rating and will not bridge allowing for void access, available in a variety of colours. CBC110 water based […]

Spray paint commercial property nationally by CEILCOTE

The weather is getting warmer and outside maintenance is set to begin. CEILCOTE offer a first class service with over 25 years experience for onsite spray painting – ceilings spray painted for a fraction of the cost of renewal. Shopfronts/curtain walling/lift doors/balastrades restored to like factory finish in a variety of colours. Cladding cleaned and […]

Commercial/retail spray painting

Spring is on it’s way and many commercial/retail properties look to carry out required maintenance. A growing number are having spray painting works carried out. This service is a growing market in the UK. There are a number of quality spray painting companies “CEILCOTE” a recognised leader in the market since 1989 specialise in onsite […]


High Street retailers face difficult decisions regarding planned refurbishment regarding ceilings. Their are really 2 options to consider. 1 renewal, this option is costly and disruptive but you have a new ceiling. Option 2 the ceiling can be spray painting

Warehouse and office cladding decoration by Ceilcote.com

Warehouse cladding is designed to last many years, However over time the environment and weathering can make cladding lose its colour. If no periodic maintenance is carried out on the cladding then the original paint will start to fail sooner than later. This exhibits itself as flaking paint, rust and water ingress inside the building […]

On Site Spraying

Ceilcote.com on site spray painters spray all types of substrates in site. working across the Uk for commercial clients we achieve the best possible spray finish and quality at competitive prices.

London’s leading onsite spray painting firm – ceilcote.com

Ceilcote.com are London’s leading onsite spray painting company. Our spray technicians are accomplished in all types of spray painting systems including airless spray, HVLP, Electrostatic and conventional spray Ceilcote respray all types of substrates and surfaces such as aluminium shopfronts, curtain walling, lift doors, warehouse cladding , partitioning, suspended ceilings and ceiling soffits ect  Contact […]

ALL Things… Spray Painting by CEILCOTE

The city of London near stops! Day or night 7 days a week 365 days a year. CEILCOTE provide an expert onsite service complementing the requirements of working in London. Onsite spray painting works for commercial and retail property – spraying ceilings, soffits, shopfronts, lift doors, cladding and much more… Visit our website www.ceilcote.com or […]

Spray Painting Lift door by Ceilcote.com

Lift Doors are often damaged thru continual use. They are subject to knocks and scuffs that in time leave the paint finish looking tired. ceilcote.com provides an onsite spray painting service for lift doors. We use paints that are hard wearing and durable. Available in any colour our paints dry fast and will last for […]

CEILCOTE Spray Paint Ceilings – All Types Nationally

The UK has millions of M2 ceiling area.  On occassion the ceiling area may become unsightly thru build up of surface dirt especially around d AC grills. The first thought when this is encountered is to enquire about renewal. But picture this, instead of ripping out the old ceiling and contributing to our ever growing […]

End of Year Onsite Spray Painting Commercial Property

It’s been a great year so far… As the end of year approaches this is a very busy time for commercial property to make enhancements i.e. onsite spray painting works ceilings, shopfronts, lift doors, cladding, curtain walling, balustrades, soffits, blockwork walls etc. When searching for a quality contractor it is important to consider several aspects. […]

Do your suspended ceilings need spray painting ?

On site spray painting of suspended ceilings Are your suspended ceilings looking a bit tired and discoloured. If so , then you may be considering a brand new suspended ceiling. But really there is no need. Try our on site acoustic ceiling renovation process. It the quickest most cost effective way to make your ceiling look new […]

Cladding spraying, by cladding sprayers Ceilcote.com

Ceilcote.com onsite sprayers have completed another cladding spraying job. CBS power tools in Peterborough. The original paint finish had failed and was flaking profusely. We removed the loose paint. power washed the entire building, masked up all the surrounding areas. zinc phosphate primed the bare metal then applied two coats of our proprietary cladding paint […]

Spray painting the first coat of PVC94 cladding paint

Commercial & Retail onsite spray painting by CEILCOTE

Making you commercial/retail property look like new again…. CEILCOTE service the UK nationally and have done so for the last 25 years carrying our onsite spray painting works. Commercial and retail property can be dramatically enhanced/changed at a fraction of the cost of renewal. Window frames, doors, soffits, ceilings, cladding, balustrades etc can all be […]

Architectural spray painting services by CEILCOTE

With over 25 years of service CEILCOTE strive to provide quality products for specification when it comes to the restoration of ceilings for commercial and retail property. Architects, surveyors and facilities managers specify CEILCOTE for a number of reasons… quality line of water based ceiling restoration coatings, PRC007 acoustic ceiling restoration coating a provin water based […]

Cladding Paint Spray Painting – access by cherry picker – CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE – spray painting specialists Commercial and retail property spray painting. With good news about the economy, purse strings seem to be relaxed and an increase for onsite spray painting works continue to grow second half of the year. Cladding paint spraying to commercial buildings is one of the most requested forms of spray painting […]

Cladding Spray Painting for Commercial & Retail Buildings

The UK market is coming alive again with landlords instructing main contractors, facilities companies etc to price for spray painting cladding. Many properties have been left for years and as such require additional prep work in reference to flaking paint. CEILCOTE provide such a service to making old tired looking cladding look like new again. […]

Ceiling spray painting, acoustic, metal pan/perforated, concrete soffits/galvanised

  Soffits and galvanised services sprayed to create an urban look CEILCOTE the UK pioneers in onsite ceiling spray painting began spraying ceilings back in 1989. The UK market was non existent. Pro Coat UK LTD began manufacturing a li9ne of ceiling restoration coatings – acoustic PRC007, metal CBC110, concrete MSC005 all available in a […]

How To Spray Paint Shopfronts – Site Maserati

Once again Ceilcote have achieved an advanced level of spray painting service. This time we have resprayed a Maserati car dealership. Window and door glazing frames refinished in situ. The Ceilcote spray painting process has been refined over a period of 25 years and is trusted as the best throughout the industry. with competitive prices and […]

CEILCOTE spray 2nd Phase Cladding for Commercial Business Park

This time of year is busy especially when the weather is good as it’s cladding spray painting season. CEILCOTE were awarded order for 2nd phase cladding and window frame spray painting works to commercial business park in London. All access was supplied by main contractor scissor lifts and cherry pickers. The cladding was cleaned down pressure […]

CEILCOTE national spray painters for commercial and retail property

CEILCOTE national spray painters for commercial and retail property show onsite spray painting projects. Retail clients from small one off pharmacy’s to large department stores employ CEILCOTE to restore old tired, stained, dirty ceilings from acoustic mineral fiber to metal pan/perforated to concrete soffits. There lines of ceiling restoration coatings are internationally acclaimed. All coating […]

5 Benefits of using Ceilcote onsite sprayers

  1. We are highly competitive on price and can save you money. 2. We work out of normal hours to get your project sprayed. 3. Our paints dry fast so your business can operate hassle free. 4. We help reduce landfill by refurbishing existing substrates. 5. Ceilcote offer a nationwide onsite spray painting service. Please choose Ceilcote […]

Onsite spray painting – ceilings – shopfronts – cladding – lift doors – concrete soffits – balustrades – breezeblock walls

16 Berkeley Street London – Lift Lobby Spraying Works By Ceilcote

Ceilcote have just completed the spray painting of a lift lobby at 16 Berkeley Street London. The lift lobby is clad in a wooden veneer. The veneer was in a very good condition however our client wanted a colour change and a more modern contemporary look. Ceilcote spray technicians worked out of normal hours to […]

Spray Paint Galvanised Ceiling Voids – MSC005

Ceilcote have used MSC005 Multi-Surface-Coating to spray paint the galvanised ceiling void structure at 310 Cambridge Science Park. 1000m2 completed over 2 shifts. MSC005 Mutli-Surface-Coating eliminates the need for a seperate primer and is simple and easy to spray apply. Water based and quick drying MSC005 is a new generation interior paint that can be […]

MSC005 Multi Surface Coating Technical & Specification Data Sheet PDF by Ceilcote

Ceilcote have released their latest Technical & Specification Data sheet for MSC005 Multi Surface Coating. Click To View –  Please contact us –Lloyd Morris

PRC007 Suspended Ceiling Coating Technical & Specification Data Sheet PDF By Ceilcote

Ceilcote have released their latest Specification and technical data sheet for PRC007 Suspended Ceiling Coating. Click to view – Please contact us for your ceiling spraying contracts-LLoyd Morris

Get your warehouse Let. How ? Use CeilCote Cladding Sprayers To Give It A Brand New Look

Warehouse units are often difficult to let if they don’t look at their best. The above warehouse was sitting empty for 18 Months , It was passed over by potential tenants even though it had a prime location and was well maintained inside.  The owner of the unit contracted CeilCote to spray paint the cladding and […]

Onsite spray painting metal staircases sprayed by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE carry out onsite spray painting to 4no metal staircases which required shot blasting, priming and topcoating. The result was like night and day! The client is very impressed and talks of another commercial building to be sprayed. Window frames and doors both sides. The onsite spray painting works were carried out with other trades […]

Cladding decoration and cladding spray painting by CeilCote

Ceilcote are delighted to have achieved 25 years of service to the decoration and spray painting of warehouse cladding. Over this period we have refurbished vast amounts cladding for thousands of satisfied customers.                     Our proprietry cladding paint PVC94 is compatible with Plastisol, PVF2, Silicone Polyester and plasticised finishes on […]

Warehouse Spray Painting by CEILCOTE

Warehouse spray painting by CEILCOTE. The term warehouse spray painting can involve several different areas. Spraying painting steelworks, cladding spray painting, curtain walling spray painting, ceiling spray painting, breezeblock wall spray painting, balustrade spray painting, shopfront spray painting, roller door spray painting… All these as mentioned previously can be carried out by CEILCOTE. The on-site […]

Reception and entrance door spray painting

Ceilcote have spray painted the reception and entrance doors for countless satisfied customers. Working out of normal hours we attend site and spray paint the entrance doors and window glazing frames in situ. Our skilled operatives precision mask surrounding substrates then spray a primer paint followed by two topcoats. Please contact us                                                                                                                                    Lloyd Morris

Tiger store 45 ealing Broadway London Spray painted by Ceilcote.com

Ceilcote have completed the shopfront spraying works at Tiger 45 Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre London. Ceilcote resprayed the signage facia panel, and aluminium window and door glazing frames. We are pleased to have completed these works to a high specification and wish Tiger continued success. Please contact us if your retail store needs spray painting.   […]

#RocknRoll, spray painters Ceilcote.com complete the shopfront spray painting works at HMV Oxford Street London

Ceilcote have completed the shopfront spray painting works at HMV Oxford Street London. Signage, Window and door aluminium glazing frames, and the interior ceiling soffits all spray painted on site and insitu. We are delighted to have completed the works within a very tight deadline and to the highest of standards.           […]

Onsite London Spray Painting ceilings shopfronts cladding lift doors and more… by CEILCOTE

The city of London never sleeps and as such works continue 24/7, building and changing the fabric of the city. A company with over 25 years experience are helping make this a reality. CEILCOTE provide a unique service from new build to refurbishment works. They are the unsung hero’s who transform old tired looking or new unfinished metal substraits like windows, […]

London insurance companies choose Ceilcote on site sprayers

Ceilcote are the preferred on site spraying contractor for many leading insurance companies. They Trust us to work quickly and effectively to respray fire or water damaged substrates such as walls , ceilings , and partitioning ect.   This enables the premises to be occupied again with minimal down time and without the added expense associated […]

On site national spray painting for commercial and retail property by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE – Specialist Onsite Spray Painters Spray painting CEILINGS – SHOPFRONTS – CLADDING – LIFT DOORS – CURTAIN WALLING – METAL DOORS & WINDOWS – BALUSTRADES – ROLLER SUTTERS – HEATER CASINGS… On site national spray painting by CEILCOTE Quality service at competitive prices!

Onsite spray painting London by CEILCOTE

London offers the greatest potential for continuous on site spray painting works from spray painting ceilings to curtain walling. Quantity surveyors and architects specify onsite spray painting to create a smooth factory like surface which is cosmetitcally more appealing. Spray painting has is a very important part to play in any refurbishment or new build project. […]

commercial retail aluminium windows and doors spray painted by CEILCOTE

Commercial and retail property have aluminium windows and doors which can be spray painted to enhance or make a disired colour change. Window frames and doors are exposed to the elements causing discolurisation to aluminium frames. The 2 pack coatings are durable and long lasting. By contacting CEILCOTE they can transform tired looking shopfronts to […]

Ceilcote spray paint school ceilings – suspended ceilings

Ceilcote are experts at spray painting ceilings. Over 25 years we have been selected by schools throughout the Uk to spray paint their ceilings. We are the leading onsite spraying Company that specialise in ceiling restoration. We manufacture our own restoration paints and coatings for all types of ceilings, Be they suspended mineral fibre or […]

Car dealerships are enhanced with Ceilcote spray painting

Todays cars are designed and built to a very high specification. Presenting these cars in an environment that is modern and well maintained is vital for customer attraction and car sales. For 25 years ceilcote have been chosen by leading car dealerships throughout the Uk to respray their showroom ceilings, window and door glazing frames […]

Lift door onsite spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE continue to impress with there ability to provide quality onsite spray painting work. Lift doors have been a well subscribed option for lift companies. Most lift companies are asked to provide there lift doors primed only when delivered to site. CEILCOTE supply onsite spray painting service to the lift company or the client direct. Lift doors […]

Industrial Spray Painting by CEILCOTE – 0800-374302

CEILCOTE offer specialist onsite industrial spray painting worldwide.  We are an international commercial spray painting company delivering professional spray painting.  With over 24 years of experience you can be reassured that we will provide a high level of service and quality. Our industrial spray painting team are skilled professionals and will complete your required spray painting […]

shopfront sprayers – Electrostatic Shop-front spraying

  Ceilcote are expert onsite shopfront sprayers.  We respray shop-fronts using an electrostatic spray process that creates a factory like finish. This finish is comparable to a brand new shopfront. Brief example of the spray works carried out at the above shopfront. We thorough clean the window and door glazing frames. Scratches, holes, and imperfections are filled and then […]

Onsite spray painting London by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE welcome the year 2014 as they will be celebrating 25 years of service. The story begins as a company called ProCoat UK LTD specialising in spray painting works to all types of ceilings. ProCoat were the pioneers in ceiling spray painting work in the UK. A line of ceiling restoration coatings were presented to […]

CEILCOTE Cladding Spray Painting Works

CEILCOTE are set to complete onsite cladding spray painting works at St Georges Ind Est London. The cladding area had flaking paint and required a pressure wash cleaning. The use of an aggitator was required to ensure flaking paint was removed prior to carrying out cladding spray painting works. The use of a scissor lift enabled […]

On site paint spraying London and nationwide

  CEILCOTE often get asked if we work across the UK. The answer is yes, Ceilcote are national on site paint sprayers, we come to you! CEILCOTE can survey your onsite spray painting project, we will give you a formal quotation for the onsite spray painting works. We provide all masking protection to floors, walls, lights etc. Our onsite spraying teams will complete your […]

Ceilcote spray paint self storage warehouse units

Customers using self storage units want to feel comfortable knowing they are leaving treasured possessions in a well maintained and clean environment. Self storage units are often subject to bangs, scuffs and scratches. Left to accumulate, this damage starts to look unsightly and have a negative impact on new and existing customers leasing the units. […]

CEILING spray works by CEILCOTE/ProCoat UK LTD

ProCoat UK LTD began offering onsite ceiling spray painting back in 1989. ProCoat UK LTD were the pioneers in offering such a service. We set out a list of procedures to guarantee onsite success for our approved contractors and clients. We tested a variety of manufacturers materials from continuous polythene sheeting to various tacks of […]

ceiling void – blackout spray painting

Ceilcote.com manufacture blackout paint for ceiling voids soffits and walls. MSC005 Multi surface coating is available in any colour but is often specified in black for ceiling voids and soffits. Self priming and highly pigmented MSC005  can be spray  applied to concrete surfaces, galvanised, plastic and other substrates within the ceiling void soffit and walls.     […]

Amusement Arcade Ceiling Spray Painted Black

Ceilcote have completed the spray painting of an amusement arcade suspended ceiling in black.  Our customer could not source the ceiling tiles in black from a manufacturer, After searching the internet he found us. We advised him that we could spray the ceiling in situ and in any colour that was requested. After spraying 800m2 […]

Company building day at CEILCOTE

We all enjoyed a great day at CEILCOTE  today – company building day covering areas such as customer service, contract organization, H&S and a brain storming session on how CEILCOTE should present itself to architects, facilities managers and surveyors. Some very interesting comments and I’m sure will be of use in the future. Thank you to all and […]

Specialist onsite spray painting by CEILCOTE

The economy is showing of signs of recovery especially in the building trade. CEILCOTE provide a full service from small to large onsite spray painting works to ceilings, shopfronts, cladding, lift doors, curtain walls, blockwork walls and more… CEILCOTE also offer an annual onsite maintenance program for spraying curtain walling, lift doors, ballustrades, ceilings, shopfronts…. Property owners, facility managers, […]

Spray Painting Office Partitioning and Curtain Walling

From city office spaces to hotels and school buildings, partitioning and curtain walling is popular. It gives a room an open feeling and lets more light penetrate the space. Maintenance and decoration of the aluminium glazing frames is often overlooked. However over time dents, scuffs, screw holes and discolouration demand attention. Ceilcote specialise in the […]

Commercial & Retail property maintenance by CEILCOTE

  CEILCOTE offer a quality maintenance program for onsite spray painting works. Spray painting to metal window frames and doors, cladding, balustrades, security gates, curtain walling and ceilings. CEILCOTE are close approaching 25 years of service in the UK. For quality and service second to none people choose CEILCOTE knowing the onsite spray painting works […]

Ceiling spray painting work by CEILCOTE

Things are looking brighter meaning more money is being spent on the economy. Companies feel confident in releasing money long overdue for maintenance/refurbishment projects. CEILCOTE have experienced an increase in quoting and carrying out onsite spray painting works for everything from spray ceilings to spraying shopfronts. The level of quality workmanship has has suffered thru […]

CEILING restoration coatings by ProCoat UK LTD – restore your ceiling today!

  ProCoat UK LTD offer a wide variety of ceiling restoration coatings from acoustic to concrete including services (galvanised)! ProCoat’s ceiling restoration coatings are available in RAL & BS colours. 99% of ProCoat’s ceiling restoration coatings are water based, maintain 100% acoustics, class O fire rating, will not bridge tile and grid preventing access to ceiling void. […]

Spray Painting Office Windows

When aluminium office windows are manufactured they usually have a spray painted finish. This paint finish can last for years. However eventually it will show its age and need attention. That’s where Ceilcote can help. We are specialist on site paint sprayers. We respray office windows using durable and compatable paints. Our skilled operatives use […]

Fencing metal – spray painted by CEILCOTE

  Security gates and metal fencing have become areas to explore regarding onsite spray painting. CEILCOTE have sprayed a number of these this year. The work consists of cleaning down, spot priming followed by topcoat 2 pack coating electrostatically applied. The result is a like new finish. The topcoating is available in a wide variety […]

Ceilcote spray paint linear radiator casings

Ceilcote are experts at spray painting linear radiator casings and panels. We can repair small dents and holes. Existing scratches and imperfections are sanded smooth. We then spray a high build primer and a topcoat in the colour requested. Please contact us for your radiator spray painting project – Lloyd Morris  

Supermarket Checkout Spray Painting

Supermarket checkouts are deigned to be robust, however over time they receive constant knocks spills and general abuse. This takes its toll on the paint finish and often leading to unsightly stains and scratches. Our on site paint spraying process successfully deals with this problem. Supermarket Checout spray painting process in brief We work out of normal […]

We spray industrial doors

Ceilcote have spray painted hundreds of industrial doors. Our durable paints will return dull and tired factory doors to a clean new appearance. We offer a wide selection of colours and gloss levels. Our spraying technicians work all across the Uk. Our spraying works are often done out of normal hours so clients can continue […]

Smoke shelters – spray painting by CEILCOTE

Laws have changed over the years and now smokers have been forced outdoors. Companies have to offer shelter for smokers. Over time a build up of nicotine and dirt occurs and requires a thurough clean to remove contaminants. This will improve visibility thru plexiglass windows. The metal frames which have now been cleaned may require […]

Bus Shelter enclosure – CEILCOTE onsite spray painting works

Bus shelters might not be at the top of many peoples thoughts, but when they become unsightly looking from general pollution and everyday wear and tear. City councils have a responsibility to the public to maintain the appearance of all public bus shelters. CEILCOTE provide such a service for maintaining metal bus shelters. Onsite spray […]

Cycle metal enclosures – spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE carry out onsite spray painting work to metal cycle enclosures. After a period of time exposed to the elements, metals can begin to show signs of rust and colour dulls out. When this happens it’s to to reinvest in a new look. CEILCOTE are pleasede to provide a quality proven service to restore metal […]

Canopy spray painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE specialise in onsite spray painting for metal canopies. Over  a period of time metal canopies become weathered and stained from the elements, the sun and rain as well as polution takes it’s toll.Clients may require a new colour to display a new image or maintain present image by using the same colours.What the public perceives as an […]

Hotel Reception Entrance Door Spray Painting

  A well maintained hotel entrance and reception is vital for image and future business. Often customers will leave comments and reviews online, their first impressions are vital. Ceilcote  have been spray painting hotel entrances and revolving doors for clients in London and across the UK for many years. We are experts at spray painting and have […]

Refrigeration And Chiller Spray Painting for Supermarkets

Ceilcote are expert refrigeration and chiller spray painters. Using our electrostatic spray painting process we can restore the appearance of refrigeration units and chillers. Once our spray painting process is completed the units usable straight away, So business can continue to trade without disruption. Our on site spray painting process is the best and quickest way […]

Revolving Door Spray Painting by CEILCOTE

CEILCOTE continue to provide clients with quality workmanship! Many commercial properties are looking to update different aspects of their property from ceilings to shopfronts. CEILCOTE excel at onsite spray painting work to revolving doors. Detailed masking procedures allow for spray painting only what is required. Similar to when a car is resprayed the detail to […]


Great start to the week, weather is warm and sunny. Were able to get on with onsite cladding spray painting works. The cladding in question was cleaned by pressure washing. This action works well and allows for removing tree sap, tar, general everyday dirt built up over the years. Once the CLADDING cleaning works are complete […]

London commercial property spray painting works by CEILCOTE

It’s Friday and the sun is shining! We will complete our outside onsite spray painting work today! We have been spraying cladding, shopfronts, ceilings and lift doors. The week has been had it’s share of ups and downs, more ups than downs! The weather earlier on this week was very wet and windy and that […]

Calling for Sunshine

It’s been a tough start to the week workwise as Mother nature is not helping us to finish our onsite spraying painting works to cladding and shopfronts. I guess it’s to be expected as this time of year. The jobs in question are near St Pauls and Dartford. The cladding spray painting works have required […]

Reception and entrance spray painting by Ceilcote

Ceilcote spray paint office entrance doors for clients in London and across the UK. We use an electrostatic spray painting process that duplicates a factory finish on site and in situ. Our clients have included large corporations and blue chip companies such as Virgin, Prudential, and BP. These companies understand the importance of maintaining the […]

Huge savings when you choose ceiling spraying

  Professional spray painting of suspended ceilings is an attractive way to save money over replacement. As an example, we have just completed the in situ spraying of the suspended ceilings at a bowling alley in Norwich. 400m2 of suspended ceiling sprayed over one night shift. Our client had compared quotations with replacement and informed […]

CEILCOTE cladding spray painting

Good morning looks like autumn has arrived with it’s wet weather! Our onsite spray painting works have been effected. We are trying to complete our onsite cladding spray painting works. Let’s hope the weather changes and the sun shines. If we can be of service for any onsite cladding spray painting works please contact us. CEILCOTE 0207-519-6362 or 01733-558-251 […]

CEILCOTE Balustrade onsite spray painting

A great indian summers day! Were onsite electrostatic spray painting balustrades in London and working at Heathrow airport spraying ceiling voids. A large cladding spray painting project begins tomorrow in Croydon. All the access has arrived today cherry pickers for the precleaning of the cladding for tomorrow’s spray painting to begin. Let’s hope the weather holds […]

CEILCOTE Cladding spray works

CEILCOTE have just completed a large project in Devon spray painting cladding, curtain walling, soffit, fascia, staircase and columns. The onsite works consisted of cleaning down, priming and topcoating the above mentioned areas. All onsite spray painting works were carried out over the college shut down. The site has a brand new look and ready for […]

Simple changes to refresh your shopfront – Colour change

Refreshing your shop-front or retail store is a great way to attract customers. By offering a clean and inviting shopfront more customers are likely to enter your shop and buy your products. Our on site spraying process is the quickest way to get that new looking shopfront. Either to refresh your existing shopfront or for a complete new […]