Do you wish to discover quality concrete ceiling spraying in the UK? By utilising our nationwide spraying company here at CeilCote, you can always achieve the new look you desire from your company’s premises.

We’ve worked on an array of businesses over the years, whether they’re customer facing or not, a good-looking interior or exterior of a business is vital. Your customers will be more attracted into your store if your exterior is clean and well-presented, and your employees will feel more pride if the exterior and interior of their company is worth boasting about.

Suspended ceilings are slowly becoming a thing of the past for many retailers. Now many stores are looking to paint the concrete void, which means all service pipes, galvanised trunking and cable trays are sprayed. For you to give an effective finish for your concrete ceiling is with our multi-surface primer and finish coating, it will give it a lasting smooth effect, which is contemporary and amazingly neutral.

Before commencing with any concrete ceiling spraying across the nation, we thoroughly clean the concrete block walls or concrete slabs, so they’re free of dirt, dust and loose mortar. This further improves the final finish of our ceiling spraying.

To see the quality of our work, you can view our previous projects on our website.

If you would like more information, then do not hesitate to get in contact today on 0207 519 6362 (London) or 01733 558251 (National) for an informal enquiry with our experienced advisers. Alternatively, drop us an email to

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