This time of year is perfect for onsite paint spraying for your business. With the sun beaming down and the option of ventilating your commercial property, we would encourage you to give us a call sooner rather than later if you’re due a new coat both inside and out of your premises.

Our professional lift door paint spraying across the UK is one of our many paint spraying services, mostly because you can add to your branding within your business through painting your lift doors. The material used for lift doors means that you cannot decorate it yourself, specific paint and equipment is required to apply it and ensure it dries.

Our Lift Door Spraying not only allows you to brand your internal structure, but will also rectify dents, scuffs, scratches stains and other cosmetic damage to lift doors from general uses. After we have attended the site to carry out our checks, we’ll return to complete the refurbishment of your lift doors. Those scratches are filled with epoxy body filler, followed by the use of fine grit sandpaper. Once the doors are level and smooth, we’ll apply the paint and ensure it’s perfect.

Along with our interior spray painting, our exterior paint works are ideal at this time of year.

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