Onsite Paint Spraying Services UK


For all businesses across the UK, appearance is integral to how a place is perceived by an outsider; and that is why it’s imperative to keep up with the maintenance and appearance of your business. If you believe that your premises would benefit from onsite paint spraying, then look no further than the leaders of paint spraying here at CeilCote – we offer the leading onsite paint spraying services in the UK.

Our services are cost effective and extremely beneficial to businesses who need to refurbish their premises, whether that is due to old age or a new design in place. From large retail premises to a small high street shop, the look and appearance of your building is important to the way in which people view you; which increases the importance of having fresh and bright colours in your property.

We have worked on an array of spray painting projects for numerous clients across the UK. We have previously sprayed premises for Apple, Lidle, Boots and many other reputable companies across the nation, and will be more than happy to work with you in transforming the appearance of your premises.

In terms of spray painting the interior of your business, you have a great selection of options available to you. One of our most popular methods currently is our spray painting concrete soffits, including the spraying of piping, galvanised trunking and services. This gives a neat appearance and provides a modern, suburban appearance.

You can find out more about our spray painting services by calling on our free phone number 0800 374302 or email us on info@ceilcote.com.

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