In retail and commercial buildings, superficial damage to lift doors is nothing new, and dents, scratches, scuffs and other marks will inevitably occur over time. The solution? Onsite lift door spraying with spray paint.

CeilCote are experts when it comes to onsite paint spraying, and we’ll be able to restore your lift doors to their former glory. We will visit the site and spray the lift doors while in-situ. A set of lift doors can be sprayed quickly, ready for use the very next day. So if you have a busy retail store or a commercial building which hosts a large number of people each day – and a large number of people using the lift facilities – then CeilCote is the company for you. Not only will the work be completed competently and quickly but we can work at night or on the weekends to ensure minimal disruption to the running of the premises.

When it comes to paint spraying, the most important stage is the preparation. Professional preparation will guarantee the best results. This may include masking, sanding, priming and spraying, needed to ensure a quality finish.
liftdoorspraypainting lift door spray painted by CEILCOTE Wilkinson lift door spray painting works by CEILCOTE