Expert Nationwide Paint Spraying

ceilcote_bhs_ceiling-spray-worksDo you require expert nationwide paint spraying? If so, then our team here at CeilCote will be more than happy to offer their onsite paint spraying experience to transform the appearance of your property.

Whatever spray painting services you require, we have the years and experience behind us to help. We in fact hold over 27 years of experience in onsite paint spraying in the UK. With our specialist team working across the country, we offer a range of on-site paint spraying services to cater for all types of jobs.

Whether you want to colour the pipes in your ceiling-voided building like we did for Google, or you would like to give a room a new lease of life, we have all the colours and equipment to complete the job and give it a flawless finish.

Our electrostatic spray painting service is perfect for metal objects, including; fridges, lift doors, radiators and more. The premise of electrostatic spray painting is ingenious. The work surface is first earthed to give it a negative charge. The paint is given a positive charge as it exits the chamber of the paint gun. This means the fine mist that is produced has a natural attraction to the metal object and leaves minimal wasted paint.

You can find out more about how we can turn your blank spaces into something special by getting in contact with our team.

Simply fill out the online contact form or ring us on +44 (0)1733 558251.

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