Do you require a service that can transform the look of your interior with concrete soffit paint spraying in London? Look no further than our professional team here at CeilCote.

We have been dedicated to providing our onsite paint spraying works for over 28 years; all across the UK. By using our expert paint spraying technique, we can get the job done swiftly and with limited disruption to your business hours.

The quality of a soffit can say as much about your business as the front of your building. By choosing to use our services, your soffit can be paint sprayed to ensure that it is consistent with the professionalism of your company.

Additionally, we want to make sure that the results from our work exceed your expectations and aren’t hiding anything execrable. That is why we prepare the area beforehand to ensure that any dirt, dust and other unpleasant elements are removed before we apply the new coat.

For more information on our concrete soffit paint spraying, or to hire our onsite paint spraying service, you can give us a call on 020 7519 6362. Alternatively, you can email us at

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