Many companies across the UK are wondering how exactly they can stand out from the crowd and ensure their business meets the latest trends. Although the exterior of any business is important, the interior is just as key.

The outside of a business is there to catch the attention of customers, but the interior is vital in ensuring they do not turn around and head straight out. To make your business look clean, neat and modern, you should consider our commercial indoor spray painting for your business.

There are many options for you in terms of spray painting the interior of a business, but one of our most popular methods currently is our spray painting concrete ceilings, including the spraying of piping, galvanised trunking and soffits. The latest trends in retail is remove suspended ceilings and to paint the concrete ceiling void.

Our galvanised ceiling soffit spraying with our water based MSC005 coating is highly popular, the main reason being that it is available in a great amount of different colours; giving you the freedom you deserve to choose a colour to suit your colour scheme and style. It’s most known for its ability to create an urban look, which is extremely current at the moment.

We have previously sprayed premises for Google, Coke, HMV and many other reputable companies across the nation.

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