Does the interior of your building look slightly bare or dated and you want to give it some life? By utilising our nationwide ceiling spraying service, you can have your ceiling sprayed in a colour to best suit you and your business. For acoustic ceiling spraying, look no further than our expertise here at CeilCote.


Painting an acoustic ceiling can have a dramatic effect on a room’s appearance, especially if you’re using a different paint or if the ceiling has never been painted. Our bespoke process involves an airless spray treatment which is specifically developed for ceiling restoration coatings.

The acoustic ceiling restoration coatings are water-based and environmentally friendly, meaning that it will cause no harm to the environment for your employees or customers. For any commercial company with acoustic ceilings, you can transform your business effortlessly with our acoustic ceiling spraying – our expertise is the solution to maintain your ceiling by having them repainted or resprayed.

Our paint spraying teams are considerate and will go out of their way to complete the job during unsociable hours to ensure that your workplace is left undisturbed. We can complete a painting project in the evenings after your workforce has gone home, or even overnight or at the weekends.

Choose CeilCote for the excellent results you desire.

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