Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Spraying


Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Spraying

A brand new acoustic suspended ceiling can last for decades if well maintained. Periodic cleaning  with a static brush or vacuum cleaner will remove surface contamination such as dust and cobwebs , this alone can be enough for several years.

However at some time the suspended ceiling will start to look tired. This is often due to the yellowing of the white pigmentation on the existing suspended ceiling tiles and grid. This cannot be avoided.

We do have a solution to this problem – onsite spray painting of the entire acoustic suspended ceiling in situ. Both Suspended ceiling tiles and grid are spray painted with one of our ceiling restoration Paints. PRC007 for mineral fibre acoustic suspended ceilings, PRC009 for metal suspended ceilings , and PRC005 for Ceiling voids and soffits. On completion of our ceiling spraying process the ceilings will be returned to that fresh white brand new look and will last for years, in fact it will last just as long as a brand new ceiling.


  • Available in any colour.Ceilcote acoustic ceiling tile spraying
  • Acoustic properties maintained
  • Water Based spray paint specifically for acoustic suspended ceilings.
  • Spray applied in situ. with no sticking of tiles to grid

Ceilcote ceiling spraying before and after



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Lloyd Morris


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